3M Avagard 9221C Hand Sanitizer and Lotion, 88 mL size

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Hand S3M™ Avagard™ D Instant Hand Antiseptic, 9221C is an emolient-rich moisturizing lotion that instantly kills 99% of harmful bacteria. It helps to provide rapid bactericidal action against a broad spectrum of microorganisms, while the moisturizer helps maintain the skin's integrity and prevent skin breakdown.
  • Instantly kills more than 99% of harmful bacteria
  • Helps maintain the skin's integrity and helps prevent skin breakdown
  • Dries quickly without leaving hands feeling sticky
  • Compatible with CHG
  • Effective against MRSA and VRE antibiotic-resistant bacteria, based on in vitro testing on specific strains
  • Meets the CDC Guidelines for hand hygiene in healthcare settings

Suggested Applications

  • Instantly kills harmful bacteria on the skin
  • Hand hygiene in healthcare settings